Containers and vessels surround our lives. Introducing to us the possibility for fullness, these hollow forms signify the existence of emptiness. For me, dialectic thought may begin with this presence of a void in a vessel. A conceptual dialogue is established within the clay format.


Thoughts on the relationship between a vessel's form and decoration: the decorative motifs of my current works, constituted with numerous nail heads, slip off the familiar and comfortable pot's surface. They extend over, and embroider together, neighboring forms as well as the space around them. Thus decoration becomes the point of anamorphosis in space, the element that, when approached casually, remains a meaningless and even confusing cluster of dots. Nevertheless, as we look at the piece from a certain perspective, recognizable imagery congeals.


The labor of symbolism: breaking down, redistributing, and always re-forming what can be understood ─ however momentarily.